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Social Security Disability

Attorneys at the Knudsen Law Firm also handle Social Security Disability matters. We handle Social Security Disability claims at all stages, including the initial application, reconsideration, hearings in front of the Administrative Law Judge or any further levels of appeal. We realize obtaining medical reports and doctors’ opinions regarding any restrictions that impact your ability to work is of great importance and we make obtaining such necessary records a top priority. The lawyers at the Knudsen Law Firm understand Social Security Disability Law and know what is needed to successfully bring such a case. We will work hard to obtain such evidence and then present your case.

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits or have been denied, contact the Knudsen Law Firm. We will be glad to discuss and evaluate your case and there is no fee for an initial consultation. Federal law governs the fee that we can collect for representing an individual in a Social Security Disability matter and we will be glad to discuss that with you as well, but basically, an attorney’s fee will be incurred only if your case is successful in obtaining back benefits.

For more information go to:  Nebraska Social Security Disability Law

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