April 25, 2014
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Real Estate

The professionals at the Knudsen Law Firm represent clients involved in all aspects of real estate purchases, sales, leases, like-kind exchanges, financing, land use planning and development. Two of our attorneys, Wallace A. Richardson and Trev E. Peterson, are Fellows of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers. From buying and selling your home or investment property to securitized commercial financing packages, our real estate attorneys provide prompt and practical legal advice and guidance to our clients.

Our attorneys also provide our clients with assistance in lease negotiation and enforcement—whether through eviction proceedings or enforcement of leases in bankruptcy cases. We can provide assistance to landowners whose property is threatened by condemnation proceedings to obtain just compensation for the loss occasioned by the condemnation.

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Jeanelle paid close attention to all the details and explained all the legal jargon to us so we were able to understand what was happening. We were very happy with her services and will always recommend her to anyone else that we hear of needing legal services.

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