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Immigration Law

Knudsen law firm now practices immigration and citizenship law and represents both individuals and corporations. With experience in all aspects of immigration law, particularly labor certificates and permanent visa applications (green card applications) for both employment and family based visas (i.e. for spouses, parents, children, or siblings); this law firm prides itself in handling immigration issues with reasonable rates and a personal touch.

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Knudsen Law firm practica ley de inmigración y de ciudadanía. Con experiencia en todos los aspectos de la ley de inmigración, en particular los certificados de trabajo y solicitudes de visado permanente (mica aplicaciones) para el empleo y la familia basada en los visados; este bufete de abogados se enorgullece en manejar casos de inmigración con cargos razonables y con un toque personal.

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Areas of Practice

Nonimmigrant (Temp) Visas

  • Visitors (Tourist) Visas
  • Business Visitors
  • Student Visas
  • Employment-Based Visas
  • Fiancée Visas
  • Religious Worker Visas
  • Spousal Visas

Immigrant Visas (Permanent Residency)

  • Green cards
  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Employer-Based Immigration
  • Refugee and Asylum
  • Diversity Lottery

Other Immigration Areas

  • Naturalization
  • Labor Certificates
  • Employer Compliance
  • Removal (Deportation)
  • General Litigation

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I don’t know how to thank you for your quick, clear and valued reply. I was worried that it was unreasonable of me to put all of this on your lap during the eleventh hour of the Agreement’s discussions – THANK YOU! Your reply was well-structured and succinct but also simple enough that even us lay-folks can see the legal linings. I’m struggling to find the right words to completely convey my satisfaction. You have my profound “appreciation” Laura!”

Jon, a Knudsen client