Among the most rapidly changing areas of law in Nebraska and the nation are natural resources and environmental law.

Demands on natural resources–especially true water for crop production, hydropower, municipal uses, recreation, conservation and protection of endangered species–can create conflicts among ground and surface water users, conservation organizations, municipalities, or other governmental entities, and power and irrigation districts. As a result, legislation and case law in this area continue to evolve.

By understanding emerging issues, representing clients in hearings before the Department of Water Resources (now Department of Natural Resources), and monitoring changes in water rights legislation, the Knudsen Law Firm has developed expertise in the evolving area of water law, and has been involved in several landmark cases in this area.

The Knudsen Law Firm attorneys have been appointed as Special Assistant Attorneys General in the Nebraska vs. Wyoming original action in the U.S. Supreme Court and for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission on its instream flow applications. Our water law attorneys have tried significant contested cases before the Department of Water Resources, and one has served as a hearing officer for that department. We have advised irrigation districts, natural resources districts, municipalities, farmers and landowners and environmental organizations on the effects of state and federal legislation and cases relating to water and drainage issues.

The burgeoning area of environmental law deals with the regulation and proper disposal of potentially hazardous material, air and water pollution and the removal of toxic chemicals. We have expertise in assisting client with Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST), petroleum contamination, chemical spills. Changing legislation in this area, and multiple regulations from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and other state environmental offices and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), can be daunting to companies that are suddenly faced with removing potentially toxic materials or hazardous waste.

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