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Property ownership is a fundamental right. Governmental agencies and certain utilities have the right to condemn a private person’s real property and devote that property to a public use. Increasingly government uses its condemnation powers for private projects, rather than traditional public works projects. The Knudsen Law Firm has extensive background and experience in condemnation cases representing both land owners and condemning parties.

The Knudsen Law Firm’s eminent domain experience includes all phases of the condemnation process:

Negotiations with the condemning authorities prior to the filing of a condemnation action;

Representation through condemnation actions, from meetings of the boards of appraisers through any appeals and subsequent jury trials of condemnation proceedings in district courts; and

Appeals of condemnation awards to the court of appeals and representation of clients in the negotiation and settlement of condemnation disputes.

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Michael Khalili is a skilled advocate. He represents clients passionately and effectively--both in and out of the courtroom. Michael is the kind of lawyer I would want representing me if the need ever arose.

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