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Business & Commerce

From the simplest real estate transfer to the most complex banking arrangement, the Knudsen Law Firm offers legal expertise to facilitate business and commercial transactions. We serve as general counsel to many businesses and organizations (both profit and non-profit) and as regulatory counsel to banks and bank holding companies. Our wide-ranging experience with a number of long-time clients in the banking industry and other businesses includes handling major transactions such as mergers, acquisitions or business consolidations, as well as advising financial institutions on basic services such as loans, trusts and customer services.

Myriad interrelated issues can arise from these complex commercial transactions–regulatory questions, as well as employee rights, tax implications, credit problems, and intricate financial considerations. Clients are ably served by our team approach, in which experts in different legal disciplines deal with the appropriate agencies to handle problems or provide advice on critical areas of the law.

We serve our business and individual clients in real estate purchases and development (housing, shopping, commercial and industrial), business tax planning, reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings, leasing or purchasing all or part of a business, going public (or private), and SEC compliance. We also advise clients on mergers, reorganizations or acquisitions.

The Knudsen Law Firm’s business and commercial clients benefit from the firm’s extensive experience with major financial institutions, and our involvement with such organizations as the Bank Attorneys Section of the Nebraska Bar, Lincoln Estate Planning Council, and the American College of Real Estate Lawyers.

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Jeanelle paid close attention to all the details and explained all the legal jargon to us so we were able to understand what was happening. We were very happy with her services and will always recommend her to anyone else that we hear of needing legal services.

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