August 21, 2014
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Appellate Practice

Representing a party in an appeal requires skills different than those employed in the original proceeding. In appellate practice, excelling in the art of writing briefs and representing clients in oral arguments requires not only understanding the facts and the law but understanding the best options for succeeding.

The Knudsen Law Firm lawyers have extensive experience before appellate courts in state and federal courts including the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Nebraska, the 8th and 5th Circuit Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. Some members of the firm began their legal careers as clerks for the Nebraska Supreme Court and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals judges. They gained insight into the practices that are most likely to be successful and have shared their experiences with other members of the firm.

The Knudsen Law Firm lawyers have the experience, the knowledge and the skill to present your case during every stage of the legal process.

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Kevin and the group at Knudsen Law Firm are wonderful. They take the time to answer their calls...They take their time to communicate and help you decide the best way to proceed for whatever you are dealing with AND they treat you like a person! Kevin will help or get you in the hands of one of the other lawyers at the firm that specializes in that particular field. In life you should surround yourself and your family with a great team... a great pastor, doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, and CPA... Make sure Kevin is part of your team!