September 16, 2014
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Practice Areas

Effective Representation That Meets Our Clients’ Needs

We look to achieve success for our clients, but we understand that each client defines success differently. We believe that effective representation of individuals or public and private companies requires a firm with in-depth expertise in each of the diverse legal specialties and the commitment to integrate different legal specialties into sound overall legal representation. To meet this need, our firm is organized into the major practice groups as listed to the right.

These practice groups include all of the legal specialties affecting today’s rapidly changing legal environment. We have actively promoted the integration of these various specialties through a variety of initiatives to help ensure a cohesive, interdisciplinary approach to client representation. The depth and breadth of our practice areas and experience of our attorneys allow us to quickly concentrate resources on even the largest, most complex issues, while efficiently staffing smaller, less complex matters.

In a nutshell, we help you deal with it, no matter what it is and we have the experience and support to put your mind at ease.

Practice Areas:

Client Testimonial:

Kevin and the group at Knudsen Law Firm are wonderful. They take the time to answer their calls...They take their time to communicate and help you decide the best way to proceed for whatever you are dealing with AND they treat you like a person! Kevin will help or get you in the hands of one of the other lawyers at the firm that specializes in that particular field. In life you should surround yourself and your family with a great team... a great pastor, doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, and CPA... Make sure Kevin is part of your team!