New Nebraska Law Will Soon Make Long-Term Care Planning More Difficult

The Nebraska legislature recently made a significant change to the law that will affect how a person can plan for long-term medical expenses.  The change will make it more complicated and costly to preserve your assets for your heirs if you have significant medical needs toward the end of your life.  The law does […]

Caveat Emptor (Let The Buyer Beware) Applies To Trustee’s Sales

What exactly is it that a buyer at a trustee’s sale buys at the sale? Or to phrase the question another way, what if the trustee at a trustee’s sale has no rights in the real property being sold? In Klein v. Oakland/Red Oak Holdings, LLC, 294 Neb. 535, 883 N.W.2d 699 (2016), the […]

Arbitration Agreements and Power of Attorneys

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in Kindred Nursing Centers L.P. v. Clark that under the Federal Arbitration Act, States cannot put more stringent requirements to forming an arbitration agreement compared to other contracts. This is not the first time the U.S. Supreme Court has made this type of ruling, but State Courts have […]

Core Benefits Have High Value

You don’t need a dog-friendly environment or on-site yoga lessons in order to have a positive impact on employee satisfaction., a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management, conducted a global benefits analysis in 2016. Their findings showed just three basic benefits had a measurable impact […]


Title insurance provides coverage for losses due to title defects that render title to the insured real estate unmarketable. For example, if there is an easement on a property, the current owner may not recall the existence of the easement, but a title insurer should find the easement in the insurer’s search of the […]

Summons of Garnishment – Answer them

Once a party is awarded a monetary judgment and becomes a judgment creditor, that party still needs to collect the judgment. The most common way a judgment creditor collects from a judgment debtor is by garnishment. Garnishments are sent to a person, entity or employer the judgment creditor believes has property that belongs to […]

Minding Your Business on Social Media

Social media has blurred the line between personal and professional life.  What can an employer do to safeguard their business?  A proactive approach in which you set rules and educate your employees is best.  Here are some basic guidelines:

Develop guidelines regarding personal versus work-related accounts.  Address specific aspects such as photos, language and […]

Service Animals, Allergies and the ADA

Employers have an obligation to reasonably accommodate employees with disabilities under the ADA.  That means that Employers generally must allow the use of suitably trained service animals by their Employees.  But what happens when that animal causes another employee to become ill because of allergies?  Can you ban the animal?

The ADA requires Employers to […]

What’s the Big Deal about Using One Bank Account for Business and Personal Use?

It may seem convenient to pay your business and personal expenses from one account, but the risks in commingling personal and business assets far outweigh the short-term convenience.

Proposed Legislation Increases Exemptions in Nebraska

LB 105 was introduced to increase many of the exemptions available to judgment debtors and debtors in bankruptcy in Nebraska. In 2016 a similar bill was introduced but the bill failed to pass in 2016 and was reintroduced this year.

LB 105 makes the following changes to the Nebraska exemption statutes.

The wild card exemption is […]